News Update....

Week of April 22, 2013

Dear 4th Grade families,

I am so happy to see the sun shining! It has been a long, snowy and cold winter and I know the kids are just as happy to see the sunshine. Please remember that it must be 65 degrees or warmer to be outside without a jacket on. Make sure to send your child to school with something warm in these early days of spring.
It was really nice to see so many of you at fine arts night on Friday night. The kids have been working really hard over the last few weeks to get ready for their big night. I hope you enjoyed it as much as they did.
The Curriculum Connection:

Math Workshop:- Tomorrow, Tuesday, April 23rd is our Unit 6 Geometry test. This test will most likely take two days for the 4th graders to take. We have covered a lot of skills during this unit and we want to make sure they are mastered. On Thursday we will be doing our Unit 7 fraction pre-test and start off with fractions on Friday. -Your child should also continue to practice as much as possible. I have them do it every morning. We are expecting math fact mastery by the end of the school year.

Reading Workshop: We have made a nice transition from learning about and reading non-fiction to research. As a whole class we have been learning to gather research on penguins. Each child and their partner was asked to use two articles and a basket of books to find information on penguins. They were assigned a certain catagory (habitat, food, characteristics etc.) to do their research on. This is getting us ready for picking our own topics and doing reserach on them.

Social Studies - We are continuing to travel through the Southeast visiting the following places: Memphis, Delta Region, and New Orleans.

Word Sorts -Sorts continue as usual this week.

Important Upcoming Events: